July 15th, 2016 / 13:28:45


After yesterday’s crazy downpour, it’s safe to say these @Stussy Crews will keep you more than covered through the WORST weather this Summer.

Pocket Panel Crew

Pocket Panel Crewneck in Charcoal

Reflective Crew

Reflective Crewneck in White

July 11th, 2016 / 14:52:20


STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Sometimes, our minds can be our own worst enemies. We trap ourselves in mental boxes and can discourage ourselves, over think, become confused, conflicted and often overwhelmed by simple illusions in our head. But that’s the true, raw power of the mind itself. It can control our bodily functions and make us do unpredictable things. Without warning, we and our minds are so easily influenced by the world around us. The people, places, and poetic expressions of the Earth can put our minds in grip when they fascinate us, distract us, and motivate us. When we perceive certain things and internalize them, we can wind-up subconsciously limit our own growth and put shackles on our minds. That is when we can slowly relinquish the freedom to think for ourselves and even the motivation to make our own choices…

In our single experience of life, we can come across a myriad of mental road blocks and illusions. Worst part about that? We believe these illusions and can allow our minds to be enslaved. But, this is not the fate of your mental well-being. These illusions can’t stop you from being who you truly are or who you’re truly meant to be. They can’t stop you from being compassionate or being a good person. No whispers of judgement can prevent you from doing what you love or stop your growth. Life is a learning experience, and for every lesson you learn, you essentially grow to a new level. “They” can’t stop the GLOW. Take this time to listen to @MoRuf88’s inspiring vibes in “glo’d.” to kick off your Monday and see where the thoughts started raining down from.

July 8th, 2016 / 17:39:43


HEY! @AcapulcoGold ain’t done with you yet!

All Court Basketball Jersey in Blue

All Court Basketball Jersey in Blue

Big Dime Tote Bag in Natural & Red

Big Dime Tote Bag in Natural & Red

July 7th, 2016 / 14:47:46


Tons of new stuff from the friends you can’t trust, @FUCT.

Open Your Mouth

Open Your Mouth Tee in Navy

Box Logo

Box Logo Windbreaker in Black

Dog Day

Dog Day Tee in White

Use Once

Use Once Windbreaker in Green

Use Once Destroy

Use Once Destroy Tee in Black

July 5th, 2016 / 16:50:42


New @QuietLife is in & making quite the statement.

Hoops Tee

Hoops Tee in Black

Sail Tee

Sail Tee in Harbor Blue

Worry Tee

Worry Tee in White

July 2nd, 2016 / 12:00:15



I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, do you know what that means?! Saturday through Sunday, shop in-store OR online at store.reedspace.com and you can score up to 50% OFF on select items at Reed Space!

July 1st, 2016 / 15:52:07


Brand new flavor from @AcapuloGold!

Great Jones S/S Shirt: Mini-Check

Great Jones S/S Shirt in Mini-Check

Ranger S/S Shirt: Green Tigerstripe

Ranger S/S Shirt in Green Tigerstripe

Gotta Have It Tee: White

Gotta Have It Tee in White

June 29th, 2016 / 16:05:58


If you’re fortunate enough to have turned 28 years old today, congratulations! You may now consider yourself royalty! I mean, yeah, the Alchemist & Lil Wayne both dropped impeccable albums on this day in 2004 but, with all due respect, they ain’t touching the Prince of Zamunda. One of Eddie Murphy’s greatest on screen performances and concrete evidence of his comedic genius, “Coming to America” is almost at the three decade mark and hasn’t stopped putting us in stitches yet. The film follows a regal gentleman hailing from the definitely real nation of Zamunda on his journey to distant, foreign lands to find a genuine suitor. And where else could someone find a woman fit for a King but Queens, NY?

At times, the voyage of Prince Akeem and Semmi, his loyal friend, is landlocked between catastrophe and chaos but the unfathomable happens when the King’s son finds his Queen-to-be. A terrific New York City love story to say the least, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to mention this 1988 classic without looking at all the moments from the barbershop downstairs from “Kunta.” Enjoy and if you haven’t watched this film already, watch it. You’ll be very happy you did!

June 28th, 2016 / 16:00:35


Come have a look-see. Just know that you won’t be able to un-see any of this abstract universe. This short animation takes a look into the twisted, contorting heart of a unique creature from the mind of Daniel Savage. Check it out and what you find may surprise you; I looked into it’s heart and saw bits and pieces of mine too!

June 24th, 2016 / 16:56:32


Handcrafted by native Northhamptonshire cobblers applying agelss fabrication techniques along with on of Denmark’s finest brands, the Norse Projects x Dr. Marten’s 3-Eye Steed shoe effortlessly blends Danish style with British elegance.

Constructed on a classic Dr. Marten’s bouncing sole, customized ripstop nylon padded tongue and finished with a British water resistant Repello suede, this Steed is ready to ride! Available in-store and online at the Reed Space for $275.

Black NP x Dr. M Steed

Black NP x Dr. Martens Steed 2

Norse Projects x Dr. Martens Steed Shoe in Black

Red NP x Dr. Martens Steed

Red NP x Dr. Martens Steed 2

Norse Projects x Dr. Martens Steed Shoe in Red Earth

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