February 10th, 2016 / 13:29:39


Conor Whelan, a uniquely styled designer & animator from Dublin, Ireland, has seriously got a knack for love stories–but this is not the kind of story you’d want to ‘reedBlog & Chill’ to. With sonic assistance from legendary girl-group the Chantels, Whelan uses sleekly designed characters and tasteful imagery to detail a love gone horribly wrong. Here, you may immerse yourself in the elegance, sophisticated plot, and crisp sound design of Conor Whelan and Fab Martini.

February 9th, 2016 / 20:48:25


Look at her Dab! No, seriously. Not enough people caught this during the Super Bowl’s pre-game intro this past Sunday so feel free to get your fix here. She may even be giving Cam a run for his money…

February 8th, 2016 / 19:20:38


The day after Dilla’s birthday, who better to recount the greatness and the legacy he has left through his amazing musical approach than his longtime friend Common? Hear the Chicago rapper speak highly about his partner from Detroit here. Rest in beats, J Dilla. Your imprint on Hip-Hop and the music world will never fade away.

February 7th, 2016 / 17:57:53



In 2016, the NFL has reached an incredible milestone. American Football has seen 49 Super Bowls and we’re sure in for a titanic clash as Peyton Manning and the Broncos take on Cam Newton and the Panthers in San Francisco in the 50th edition of the championship round. The only question that remains is: “who will come out victorious?”

On one hand, we have one of the greatest arms in the league’s history, from a long line of incredible and successful champions, returning to the helm for what many fear his last game. Meanwhile, a young, energetic, and brilliantly talented young athlete is carrying not only his team to the promise-land, but also the attitude and resiliency of a new generation, has overcome obstacles and literally defied death to reach the Super Bowl. So who’ve you got coming out on top, the storied quarterback from a football bloodline or the fearless, dabbing new face of the NFL? These are our picks:

Tony: Carolina Panthers

Jennings: Denver Broncos

Eric: Carolina Panthers

Ted: Denver Broncos

jeffstaple: Carolina Panthers

Juan: Denver Broncos

Jimmie: DAB Newton and the Carolina DABThers

February 6th, 2016 / 14:24:43


Stop Motion Animation. An underutilized, underappreciated and often misunderstood art style. Many who lay their eyes upon the unique and carefully orchestrated animation technique in use don’t really know how much work has gone into it. In Harry Chaskin’s short film “Bygone Behemoth,” we see a claymation dinosaur reliving his glory days in the limelight of Hollywood. The film was in production for several years and was well received by critics around the world. Check out this noir-esque clip as captured by Chaskin’s and his extensive crew.

February 5th, 2016 / 12:52:03


“It’s the weekend! Babeh, babeh!” *Notorious B.I.G. Voice*

February 4th, 2016 / 14:11:55


Living in the Big Apple, it gets really easy to forget just how vast, magnificent, unique, and fun-filled New York City can be. Back in November, an artist by the name of James Curran, visited the Empire State and created a gif a day for 30 days to illustrate some of the sights and adventures he experienced. See how he spent his month in the city as he provides a colorful reminder of what it’s like to be in the greatest city on Earth.

February 3rd, 2016 / 14:59:06


Part two of @InfiniteTheMag’s visit to the Staple Pigeon offices has arrived. In this episode of “Movers & Shakers,” they ask @jeffstaple if support, or rather the lack thereof, proved to be an additional form of motivation to get him to where he is now. Does jeff think there is an underlying value found in creative courses in our education system? Does he see school as an area for people to gain skills to better themselves or as a place to a pump out the lowest common denominator of decent students? Join @DevTravern, Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Infinite Mag, as he finds the answers, here.

February 2nd, 2016 / 17:15:06


Prepare to be quite perplexed before positing a few questions for the quality poetry @MickJenkins performs. Chicago rapper, Mick Jenkins, has not stopped killing the game since he got everyone’s attention with his tape, ‘The Water[s].’ The Chi-town martyr frequently brings light to the dark, sad, and often times hidden truths of society in his rhymes. Jenkins uses his voice to preach words of wisdom and resiliency to his audience.

His most recent project ‘Wave[s]’ featured the single “P’s & Q’s” where Mick utilizes some slick alliteration to call on not just his fellow Chicagoan’s, but many around the nation to follow their words of justice, equality, and integrity, with action. The gifted emcee makes a point of not preaching over the crispy Kaytranada-production and instead decides to express himself thoughtfully. Directed by Nathan R. Smith, the video which accompanies the song makes it hard to not picture Mick Jenkins at the top in the very near future as the camerawork adds yet another dimension to the “P’s & Q’s.” Check out the mind-blowing visuals here.

February 1st, 2016 / 16:00:35


Happy #BlackHistoryMonth! This month marks the time for us to acknowledge & celebrate the inventions, teachings, cultivations, practices, thoughts and successes of our African ancestors. Those who came before us have accomplished countless things, inspiring us to continue the legacies of our predecessors in our day to day lives. But, in February, we pour special libation for the forebears who overcame obstacles to grant us the opportunities we have today.

One of the most under-appreciated figures in Black History is Gil Scott-Heron. The ‘Godfather of Rap’ was lauded for his works as a civil rights activist in the 1960’s and true gift with the inked blade when it came to poetry. GSH unique spoken word style and content helped to usher in a new wave of knowledgeable poets, writers and, eventually, rappers. A divine example of this is his piece “Black History” where listeners hear the black poet expressing the historical points thought to be important during the era when Black Power was the national political agenda.

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