October 2nd, 2015 / 18:59:55


Photo Credit: Getty Images//Justin Edmonds

Photo Credit: Getty Images//Justin Edmonds

For decades these two franchises have battled to see who’s really the city’s best. Although the Yankees are by far the more storied team, the Mets pride themselves on their wins over their hometown rivals in the “Subway Series.” This season, both franchises have returned to the Major League Playoffs after brief hiatuses and have the chance to bring another championship to New York City. Still, the question remains: Who is the best in the city? Ultimately, this question will be answered by who makes it deeper into the Playoffs. So who’s it going to be? Will it be the 10,000 win franchise from the Bronx, or the 2015 NL-East Champions from Queens? We asked around the shop to see who everyone’s got their bets on:

Tony: Mets

Inten: Mets

Ted: Yankees

Eric: Mets

Juan: Yankees

Jennings: Yankees

Looks like only time will tell and break the tie we’ve got in the shop. All in all, it is great to see both of our city’s teams celebrate regular season success. Let’s see if they can bring the championship back to the five boroughs! Who knows, maybe we’ll even have a repeat of the 2000 MLB World Series!

Photo Credit: Getty Images//Al Bello

Photo Credit: Getty Images//Al Bello

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