November 25th, 2013 / 14:37:06


Jose Andrade owner and founder of BKNY PRINTING specializes in custom screen printing on T-Shirts and other wearable items. Jose founded BKNY Printing in 2003 and has been focused on the art of business and screen printing!


The Art & Business of Screen Printing consisted learning multiply techniques. Jose taught us about the in’s and out’s of screen printing and directing your creativity   into fruition of a business. He gave a precise presentation on the history of screen printing, how artwork should be formatted, learning the different techniques of printing with an array of paints like plastisol, puff additive and 3M reflective ink.


As a business owner you’ll need to understand the basics of running any business! Most of all, understanding the importance of establishing yourself and brand the legal way (tax write-off purposes) and eventually taking your business to next level.


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