October 18th, 2013 / 15:14:42


New visuals from the homies of OG Fuego:

Spring ’14 preview with some cameos of some of your favorite LES faces.

OG Fuego continues to bring the heat (hence the name). Cop what’s left at Reed Space and anticipate more products coming soon.

Stay safe Reeders.

September 9th, 2013 / 18:34:59


Hailing from uptown New York, Desciuit (Latin for Renegade) is a new brand brought to you by a couple of friends and I. Established in 2012, we’ve been in the cut watching and documenting what we like and what we feel has been missing from street wear, it’s creativity. After a one year period Desciuit was born.

photo 2

Desciuit – Park and Recreation 5-Panel

photo 1

Desciuit – “Renegades Bridge New York” Snapback

Humbled by being in the Reed Space, we hope you like what we create and the message we preach…Educate yourself and rebel against common thought, but always remain Hungry and Humble. Check out our instagram for whats coming soon, and check the Reed Space to cop them.

Instagram: @desciuit / @not_brint / @showmeyotatis / @eric_brigante / @zerodollas / @justin__pichardo

June 27th, 2013 / 11:42:29


From the South Bronx to Georgia, T-Bruin is making noise, and with his collective “Bleu Dope” expect a lot of big things real soon. For now peep the visuals and if you’re feeling the tunes, click on the link to find out more. Later Reeders.


Twitter: @T_Bruin @BLEUDOPE

April 24th, 2013 / 13:31:58



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April 7th, 2013 / 13:01:38


11 Straight victories and 3 straight 40 point games for Carmelo Anthony and my Knicks. I guess the weather coincides with how hot Melo is…

March 16th, 2013 / 13:26:41


March is one of the best months ever. Not only is the weather crazy and the styles experimental, but the college basketball madness begins. The tournament has not started, but any devoted NCAA fan knows that right now is the most crucial time in college basketball. It is the final opportunity for teams “on the bubble” to make the NCAA tournament and show why their team is the best in the nation.

2nd Rank Duke vs Unranked Maryland


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to an un-ranked Maryland team in the ACC conference tournament. Duke, a team poised to receive a number 1 seed, better be happy they lost in this tournament and not the NCAA tournament. MADNESS ISN’T COMING, IT’S ALREADY HERE!!!

March 3rd, 2013 / 13:04:15


If you were at SOBs Wednesday night then you were in for a treat by one of TDE’s finest…Ab-Soul. Ab-Soul absolutely killed the performance by not only bringing out guest appearances, but by also performing classic tracks from both Long-Term and Long-Term 2. Great experience and I encourage everyone to check out any TDE show when given the opportunity.

A few of the guest performers: ProEra, Kendrick, ASAP Rocky


February 2nd, 2013 / 13:20:27


New music from G.O.O.D. music’s own Pusha-T.

Wrath of Caine is Pusha’s appetizer to his soon to be released “My Name is My Name.” The mixtape does what a mixtape is supposed to do, generate a little bit of buzz, but NOT contain your best work. This does not ensure a great first album, however, now my expectations will not be too high. You can thank Peter LaFleur for that one. Any ways, download link bellow.

Wrath of Caine

January 26th, 2013 / 16:11:43


Oh how the mighty have fallen. Last night the Celtics showed who they truly were. A team who can play good basketball for three quarters, but are just too old to close out fourth quarter games.

The Celtics let a 19 point half-time lead slip against the Atlanta Hawks in the final two quarters of last nights game, and in the two over-times that followed could not get the win. This Celtics team that has owned the Atlantic division for the past five years, has deteriorated right before our eyes.

Now lets face it, this Celtics team is still very powerful defensively. Kevin Garnett still heads a top 10 defense in points allowed, which is pretty remarkable granted his age. The weaknesses of the Boston Celtics are their offensive game and their lack of rebounding. They only put up 95 points a game which ranks 21st in the League. They rebound at a rate of 39.5 rebounds per game which ranks this Celtics team at 29th in the respective category.If this team is to shape up, they are really going to need Avery Bradley to stretch the court the way Ray Allen did. The spacing was perfect with Ray Allen, however with out him now, teams can clog the paint, which is where Rondo was most effective in disassembling defenses. If they do not return to this form of play, I can see the Celtics losing their grip on that 8th seed and missing the playoffs for the first time since the 2005-06.

January 12th, 2013 / 16:55:24


This Wednesday I witnessed the death of what many of my family and friends call home. Maybe not the death…

Being from the Heights myself I feel this show is a poor representation of what the Heights really is. Fighting over men at a night club and celebrating about getting a GED are things that happen in everyday life outside of the Heights. Personally they need to capture the Dominican culture and life that goes on till this very day. The beautiful women who walk up and down 181 in the summertime. The barbershops that are packed every Friday night with guys ready for a crazy weekend. The 5 am stops at Cachapas y Mas for that after the club snack. The kids who play basketball at Dyckman courts everyday in hopes of escaping a poor economic community. The street vendors of food that are fresher than the McDonalds you eat everyday. That is Washington Heights, that is our PAIS. Hopefully the MTV show will begin to reveal these traits to its viewers before its goal gentrifying our homes is successful.

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