January 10th, 2013 / 15:46:18


As a bag aficionado, if there is such a thing, I have a real weakness for transporting things in different bags of all shapes and sizes. Whether it be a tote, backpack, duffel, weekender, dime, I love bags. Here are a few that might just tickle your fancy…

3A-8TS by Acronym

Acronym brings the heat with this super technical messenger that uses a Dimension Polyant® composite fabric along with CORDURA® abrasion reinforcements for a super lightweight feel and durability…

new to Reed, Briefing offers the Bucket Bag

featuring water-repellant ballistic nylon, military grade webbing, snaps, and zippers, this tote is no joke…

also new to Reed, Poler presents the Mini Duffaluffagus in their very own furry camo…

this piece of art features water-resistant campdura body fabric and nylon seatbelt webbing for super high tensile strength…

These and other bags are available now at Reed Space, so come through and GET BAGGED UP!

October 13th, 2011 / 10:33:08


Amazing new jackets and accessories from Acronym

GT-J5A Jacket

SS-J2 Jacket

E-J4TS Jacket

3A-1 Bag

3A-9TS Bag

3A-WK2 Keychain

Innovation and style at its best. Acronym, now available in-store and online at the Space.

October 29th, 2010 / 11:42:07


There’s a buzz around the Space, ever since Acronym has re-entered the doors of Reed. The technical giants from Germany have impressed us yet again, with their innovative fall collection. Let’s start small, and work our way up, beginning with the 3A-MP1 Modular Peripheral Pocket

3A-L1 Modular Laptop Sleeve

in 13 or 15 inch…

3A-1 INTEROPS Einsatztasche Bag

HY-J3S Hybrid Construction Etaproof Jacket

GT-J20 Gore-Tex Pro Shell Jacket

and the pièce de résistance, the GT-J19 Gore-Tex Pro Shell Suspensor Jacket

Check out the latest from Acronym, at the Space or in the Space.

March 3rd, 2010 / 12:42:45


Oh Shit! Damn that’s alotta’ Co-Signs…
ARENA: “Breathtaking developments…”
RELAX: “Revolutionary Products”
I-D: “Start kitting yourself out now for the apocalyptic Mad Max future that
awaits us all.”
BEINGHUNTED.COM: “Almost mythical…”
ARENA HOMME+: “Ultimate performance. The last word in utilitarian style.”
SPRAY: “High-tech underground”
COMPLEX: “Acronym probably put more thought into this jacket than the
Pentagon put into the invasion of Iraq.”

GT (Gore Tex) J (Jacket) 11= GTJ11…GT-J11L01The J11 built as a lightshell in STOTZ® Etaproof™ High-Density Cotton [ AKA Ventile® ]. Pleated shooter shoulder for drop bars. Gravity pockets for fast hands. Holster pockets for low-observable storage. J11 covertible revere shields up or suits down. More stylish than anything this technical has any right to be. And vice versa.GT-J11L03Magnetic Post tab to hold your… If you have them…GT-J11L10

GT-J11L06Easy Access Phone Slide pocket… Convenient!GT-J11L05With the detachable hood…GT-J11L10
3A-5TS Bag (3rd Arm 50mm? TEC SYS)…3A-5TS013A-5TS is a messenger bag unlike all others. ACRONYM® collaborated with legendary Berlin bike messenger bag makers BAGJACK® to develop this highly adaptive all purpose platform. Resillient. Modular. Dynamic. Evolutionary. Featuring sans velcro ACR-customized German mil-spec Kompression buckle storm lid closure. Ne plus ultra.
The beautiful new cotton based LIMONTA® shell fabric elevates 3A to new heights. Visually and haptically rewarding, it is at once low-key and luxurious. The fabric breaks in over time and your bag will gain character and individuality with age and use. 3A-5TS02




3A-5TS06Top Not so packed…Bottom, Damn you got alotta ish!3A-5TS07

3A-MP2TS (3rd Arm MODULAR TEC SYS PERIPHERAL POCKET)…3A-MP2TS11MP2TS is a Third Arm utility cartridge. It can be applied to and used with almost every Acronym product. Minimalist in design, it’s body is constructed entirely of Mil-Spec TEC SYS webbing. As such it can be affixed to any Acronym TS or M product in an almost endless variety of ways. Delimited. Autarchic. MOLLE / PALS compatible.3A-MP2TS03

3A-MP2TS04Modularly slingable component…3A-MP2TS10

3A-1 Bag (3rd. Arm INTEROPSæ EINSATZTASCHE)…3A-104The original ACRONYM® 3RD ARM INTEROPSæ bag. Assymetrical dynamical hybrid system. German special forces hardware. Ergonomic patterns. Kinaesthetic intent. Cadence, speed, and practicality in a use-driven adaptive load bearing system.
The beautiful new cotton based LIMONTA® shell fabric elevates 3A to new heights. Visually and haptically rewarding, it is at once low-key and luxurious. The fabric breaks in over time and your bag will gain character and individuality with age and use.3A-101





3A-107Easy access Messenger style sling system…3A-108

3A-MSOL 1 (3rd Arm MODULAR SOLAR BATTERY UNIT)…3A-MSOL-101Compact and autark, 3A-MSOL1 is a modular solar panel and accumulator. Affix the panel anywhere on the TEC SYS webbing of your 3A-TS bag. Connect the cable to the accumulator unit (fancyto charge-up whenever the panel is exposed to sunlight. Use the accumulator’s USB output to charge the battery of your iPod, phone, or other mobile devices. Spatial Orbital Laser rangefinder not inlcuded. What? Why not…JK, sorta.3A-MSOL-106…what,what… Storage!3A-MSOL-111…annnd the 3xDry Acronym Workshirt…IMG_1394Thats the package…
Thems’ some bad MOTHa#$^%#&, whatcho mouth. In other words, their attention to detail is remarkably incendiary.
Word around town is they only produce to fill orders, Get in and get it quick. They’re all destined to be gone…Yesterday.

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