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Two new issues of Arkitip have arrived, starting with Issue: 56

Featuring JR, winner of this year’s TED prize, for his work around the world…

Also in at Reed, Arkitip Issue: 57

Along with the brand WeSC, this issue of Arkitip features the likes of Yasumasa Yonehara, Alex Prager, and Stash…

Also comes with a pair of WeSC Piccolo Headphones…

Check out these issues from Arkitip, available in-store and online at Reed Space.

July 15th, 2010 / 12:04:30

ARKITIP: Issue No. 55 World Cup Fever…

Arriving on the late bus, we have issue number 55 of Arkitip…
this issue of Arkitip celebrates the FIFA World Cup through the eyes of NYC’s own Chinatown Soccer Club. Founded in 2002, the club is brought together through the love of soccer. Comprised of artists, photographers, skateboarders and all-around creative individuals, this crew celebrates their passion for the sport year-round for friendly matches before work…



comes with a two sided poster…





and a scarf to help you represent the Chinatown Soccer Club.

Get your kit today. You know you want to.

May 19th, 2010 / 12:01:20

ARKITIP: Serena Mitnik-Miller… Issue No. 0054…

arkitip0054-serena_mitnik-miller-detail2Serena Mitnik-Miller executes her painting with watercolor on paper, employing transparent, all over repetitive shapes in vivid colors that reference nature specific to the sea. Mitnik-Miller associates these colors and geometries with organic vocabulary and palette, most importantly its complex dynamic. The paintings become increasingly disorienting with layered internal space and vortex like sensibility shifting the image beyond the paper…arkitip0054-serena_mitnik-miller-detail1


arkitip0054-serena_mitnik-miller-painting2In her photographic work Mitnik-Miller both seduces and alienates the viewer employing graphic and abstract approach to her images. Experiential qualities of light abound within the images, embracing the films grain to create a watercolor-like effect when printed on natural matte paper…arkitip0054-serena_mitnik-miller-photo1Serena currently lives and works near the ocean in San Francisco, where she helps to run the Mollusk Surf Shop Gallery and her own new venture, General Store…

February 26th, 2010 / 16:05:55

ARKITIP Issue No. 0053X “X: Mark of Collaboration”…

IMG_1144The poet Ryunosuke Satoro said, “Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.”IMG_1146This philosophy is the inspiration for this issue… an exploration, celebration, commentary on the joys of collaboration through our own personal lens. People collaborate on many levels. It occurs in nature, technology, science, art, music and politics. For this issue of Arkitip, we asked artists, technologists, writers and friends to show us a recent collaboration or to create something new. Creative work for this issue originated from New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, San Francisco, Shanghai, Seattle, Paris, Miami, Cape Town and Portland.IMG_1145Tokyo in the 90s was in what seemed to be an eternal funk. As usual, it was the young people that offered hope and creative juice to society, thus a highly entrepreneurial subculture began to discover it own influence. These new creators and designers were born from a tight group of friends, so although they were perhaps competitors, they often joined forces to create new products and identities for the young.IMG_1147Only in Tokyo does consumerism have such spiritual power. Thus the emergence of double brands, where products were able to take on dual characteristics and unique personalities. Soon the “X” in Japan’s subculture became a symbol of personal collaboration. A good collaboration starts with an inspired idea, a desire for unexpected results and mutual respect or pure love of another’s work.IMG_1148A great collaboration occurs at that nexus of unforeseen possibilities and positive friction. Grace, openness and honesty can achieve extra-ordinary results. The most satisfying experiences in our careers, as a Cultural Engineer and a Creative Director, have been these moments. – Alex Calderwood + John C JayIMG_1149

IMG_1151If you ask us… It’s worth the…IMG_1150!!!

December 9th, 2009 / 19:20:41

ARKITIP: Issue No. 0052 Steve Harrington…

IMG_0609Influenced by images discovered in Time Life Encyclopedias 1965-1982, thrift stores and Bill Withers, his art might be termed contextual objective-ism. He views each piece he creates as a tangible object that is part and parcel of a larger context; the object helps define the context and the context helps define the object. Whatever feel or meaning the observer takes away from the piece belongs to the observer. Nothing is shoved down his or her throat. Discovery is the key.IMG_0611




IMG_0614…even comes with a complimentary scarf

August 4th, 2009 / 20:29:05

ARKITIP No.51 Shepard Fairey

more and more and more of his accomplishments…IMG_3770Front cover is a stencil… Be apart of the POSSE.




IMG_3780… Outrageous amounts of work!

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