August 20th, 2013 / 16:25:06


If you don’t already know about the Brazilian duo, OS GEMEOS well then I suggest you get familiar!


Twin brothers Os Gemeos (“the twins” in Portuguese and is pronounced “Ose Zhe’-mee-ose.”) were born and raised in Brazil. Os Gemeos started painting back in the late 80’s. The streets of Sao Paulo being their main canvas and inspiration! The twin brothers always paint together and feed off each others energy. Painting murals on buildings, subways, and pretty much anything big enough to feature their Brazilian folklore characters. Their work is rich in color with intricate and captivating details. Quite the dynamic duo!!



I was first introduced to them back in the Summer of 2009 when I caught them painting the Bowery & Houston street wall. I’ve followed their work ever since. They have been making leaving their mark in the street art world and also transitioning into galleries over the past few years.


Their latest project with Hennessy made waves last week as they released a special limited edition design for the cognac brand. They celebrated the night with the likes of other artist like Jose Parla, fans, friends, and industry favorites like Action Bronson, A$AP Rocky, DJ Jazzy Jeff  keep the crowd live and Nas closed out the night with an epic performance!!

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