July 11th, 2016 / 14:52:20


STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Sometimes, our minds can be our own worst enemies. We trap ourselves in mental boxes and can discourage ourselves, over think, become confused, conflicted and often overwhelmed by simple illusions in our head. But that’s the true, raw power of the mind itself. It can control our bodily functions and make us do unpredictable things. Without warning, we and our minds are so easily influenced by the world around us. The people, places, and poetic expressions of the Earth can put our minds in grip when they fascinate us, distract us, and motivate us. When we perceive certain things and internalize them, we can wind-up subconsciously limit our own growth and put shackles on our minds. That is when we can slowly relinquish the freedom to think for ourselves and even the motivation to make our own choices…

In our single experience of life, we can come across a myriad of mental road blocks and illusions. Worst part about that? We believe these illusions and can allow our minds to be enslaved. But, this is not the fate of your mental well-being. These illusions can’t stop you from being who you truly are or who you’re truly meant to be. They can’t stop you from being compassionate or being a good person. No whispers of judgement can prevent you from doing what you love or stop your growth. Life is a learning experience, and for every lesson you learn, you essentially grow to a new level. “They” can’t stop the GLOW. Take this time to listen to @MoRuf88’s inspiring vibes in “glo’d.” to kick off your Monday and see where the thoughts started raining down from.

June 12th, 2016 / 18:39:49


BANCO’S BACK! Tune in the Soundcloud Sunday as @SirMichaelRocks blesses the ears of the masses with two hard hitting tracks about the mula that we’ll be playing at maximum volume all summer long!

With the return of one-half of the Cool Kids, we can officially mark the return of Soundcloud Sundays and our other regularly scheduled programming on the #ReedBlog! Mikey Rocks must’ve been itching to drop these major braggadocio takes cause he released them to fans and listeners alike at random last night on Twitter. He asked the Twitter-verse for two new covers for each of his singles and about 24 hours later, all eyes and ears were on Banco Populair. Stream “Cash Lanes” produced by Pete Pine Beats & “Wow” produced by Damian Soliz here!

May 27th, 2016 / 16:23:11


“You don’t want no problem–want no problem with me!” This song feels like the summertime meets the Brooklyn Tabernacle & this video reminds you that it’s almost BBQ season and the homies are back home! No doubt Chano, 2 Chainz & Weezy took us to church, but we can’t get enough of these smiling cameos! From DJ Khaled to Young Thug, the whole squad came out for the “Coloring Book” rapper’s big party at many locales. Check it out here and be sure to check out Chance the Rapper’s project if you haven’t already.

May 20th, 2016 / 15:42:28


This Saturday, to celebrate the life of the Notorious B.I.G. and the launch of their brand new website, the @expwithus squad is hosting “the B.I.G. Debut.” The EXP gang will be staying true to their mission of exploring, exposing, and expanding the reach of musical talents in NYC as they feature Flamingosis, Lege Kale, Airwav and more up and comers at the Wintercheck Factory tomorrow. Do yourself a solid: pull up! You might even catch a few of us there!


May 15th, 2016 / 13:08:34


Happy belated birthday to a true visionary, Stevie Wonder! What? You forgot? No worries, @UncleSego didn’t! This SoundCloud Sunday we’re fixing our ears on an awesome tribute the @TrapHouseJazz artist put together.

The now 65-year old musician has been making hearts melt and ears cry tears of joy for decades! The soul singer/songwriter has legitimately been helping us and our parents, and even some of our grandparents, get over heart break, groove at family functions & weddings, learn new ways to get funky, and spread love. To say we’re thankful for the ultimate message of compassion, amazing records, timeless sounds, and an unmatched legacy of philanthropy is a serious understatement.

His legacy is very much alive throughout the world of music, but the homie Masego is definitely the first that comes to mind. The omni-talented musician paid homage to the Man of Wonder himself in ways that only he can. In the “Stevie (Tribute EP),” Masego uses his talents as a saxophonist, vocalist, and producer to bring the melodies and vibes of Stevie Wonder’s music into a new era. Check out the super rewarding 4-track EP in celebration of the wonderful, Mr. Wonderful.

May 14th, 2016 / 16:07:38


The @expwithus team is on a mission to explore, expose, and expand the reach of musical talents while using NYC as it’s home base. They officially launched their website in April and are hitting the ground running. They have a pretty BIG debut show coming up next week at Wintercheck Factory in Bed-Stuy! Their first ever show will be celebrating the Notorious B.I.G.’s birthday in the Brooklyn legend’s neighborhood. The likes of Flamingosis, Lege Kale, Airwav and more will be in attendance so come celebrate Big Poppa’s big day with the EXP crew on May 21st.


May 7th, 2016 / 13:50:35


Starting next Saturday, Reed Space will be hosting an artist exhibition of fine art photographer @JohnnyTangPhoto. On display until May 31st, Tang’s specialty image manipulation of Hip-Hop dancers or B-Boys will be showcased here at the shop. Join us for the opening artist reception on May 14th starting at 4 PM.

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May 3rd, 2016 / 13:12:26


A miracle mother. A sweet sister. A Black Panther. A black queen. A warrior and a scholar for the rights of all. You were, are, and forever will be appreciated.

April 23rd, 2016 / 17:37:19


Earlier this week, the music world was shocked to the core by yet another idol’s passing. We’ll never forget the artistic royalty that is, was, and will forever be formerly known as Prince Rogers Nelson. This Sample Saturday, we’re paying our respects to the legendary musician. Listen with us to:
Kanye West’s “Big Brother

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April 21st, 2016 / 14:53:53


Could today get any sadder? Today, we lost royalty manifested. The iconic musician Prince was pronounced dead at the age of 57 this afternoon and all we’ve got to remember him by is the music not of this world and the legends not even conceivable by imagination. We’re thankful to have had Charlie Murphy and Dave Chappelle to retell one of his most memorable fables.

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