November 6th, 2010 / 12:05:41


The creative collective OHWOW dropped off some great books recently, starting with the “Make It Happen” book

for those million dollar ideas…

Eat Shit and Die by Weirdo Dave

Stoopz by Ari Marcopoulos

Come through and and check them out, in-store or online.

July 24th, 2010 / 12:11:52

Demigods and Cosmic Children…

is the debut book for photographer Giovanni Reda, which features multiple colleagues and friends of Reda’s, based from various industries.

Come get your copy today. Published by OHWOW

March 10th, 2010 / 16:42:13


IMG_1284From Left to Right:
José Parlá’s “Cityscapes” & “Layered Days”, (A-Ron’s) ANYThing’s “Back Door book”, OHWOW’s “Unlovable Book” & “The Young And The Banging” are now replenished… Didn’t get it before? Ding, Ding, Ding… Please comagain.

March 10th, 2010 / 16:20:46


IMG_1257New York Minute features sixty artists in and around New York City who capture the drama, danger, speed and savvy of the vibrant and diverse art activities happening in the city today. This exhibition brings together for the first time the best of the downtown community, showing behind the scenes connections and collaborations between artists not only in Manhattan but in the extended network that includes active art spots like Providence, Miami, San Francisco, or Philadelphia. New York is exploding with new talent and though not every one of these artists live in the city, every single artwork nonetheless contains the immediacy and energy packed into a New York Minute…IMG_1258The expression “a New York Minute” refers to the speed that New Yorkers react to stimuli, with a bit of impatience and a bit of ingenuity and savviness thrown in. Johnny Carson once described a New York Minute as being the time it takes “From the lights to turn green, till the guy behind you starts honking his horn”. During the late 1980s crime wave, David Letterman defined a New York Minute as the length of time it took to be mugged in New York City. Or like Chris Johanson’s clock that is the show’s main image, a New York Minute is simultaneous, constant, crazed and beautiful.IMG_1259With that in mind, these sixty artists show a rapid and resourceful response to current cultural events and issues specific to their generation. Mostly emerging artists and young artists living in downtown New York, this exhibition explores some of the leading tendencies in new art making such as: updating action painting and abstraction with the toughness of the streets, synthesizing low pop culture into handmade heartfelt hybrids, taking conceptualism to new and absurd ends, organizing into collectives and bands to take all their interdisciplinary art on tour, and bringing a downtown punk attitude to assemblage, collage and sculpture.IMG_1260The sheer variety of this new, energetic art making defies pressing and releasing so the best conceptualization of this show is that all the included artists are indeed in lived reality a tightly-knit group of interconnected and collaborating artists. All these people have exhibited together, partied together, dated, studied together, or painted together at the very most two levels of removal from each other. Collaborative assume vivid astro focus has worked with almost a third of these artists at some point. Downtown New York City organizer Aaron Bondaroff has worked with at least half of them. This exhibition truly represents a cross section of an expanded artist community.IMG_1261“Downtown Don” Aaron Bondaroff will turn the upper deck of one museum building into a pop-up shop with all the zines, records, stickers, t-shirts, and books this group of active artists have produced along the way. Renowned downtown designer Rafael de Cardenas will be styling both this space and also the overall exhibition design. Tinyvices creator Tim Barber will be curating his own section of the exhibition with contributions from his network of artists and photographers from around the world.IMG_1263This exhibition is produced by the >DEPART Foundation, Rome in conjunction with the MACRO Museum, Rome and is supported by the Province of Rome, Adidas, Peres Projects, Wallspace, O.H.W.O.W. Miami, and Deitch Projects.IMG_1264This book is dedicated to Dash Snow… RIP Dash.

March 10th, 2010 / 15:58:32

NECKFACE: The Devil Made Me Do It!!!

IMG_1277About Five years since the first “Satan’s Bride”… This ones “Darkly Action Packed” from End-to-End with art and pissing on stuff. Effin-awesome! IMG_1278





IMG_1282Following up on a successful opening of his latest exhibition Devil’s Disciple, Neck Face drops a new 156 pg. page book entitled The Devil Made Me Do It. The book features an introduction by KAWS and an essay by Carlo McCormick as well as photography by Erik Foss, Jerry Hsu, Ako Jefferson, Atiba Jefferson, Norman Lendzion, Athena Razo, Giovanni Reda and Chris Shonting.
Published & Distributed By O.H.W.O.W
Creative Direction by: Al Moran
Art by: NFace

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