September 4th, 2016 / 08:42:30


The Revolution may not be televised, but @theRevEffect will be heard loud and clear in this brand new weekly podcast.

The free to stream podcast featuring Radio Rob, Paris Haven, Zeus Wilson and Reed Space Alumnus Not Brint, sees the four young men from New York breaking down the latest in music, film, news, and all other issues near and dear to their heart. Although they all hail from the uptown area, Rob, Zeus, Paris & Brint all have quite different takes on each topic. The most fascinating part (aside from all of the information and hijinks that ensues) is how four creatives from diverse backgrounds can sit down and cover a wide spectrum of discussions while maintaining a distinctly unified voice along the way. Once the approximately 45-minute first episode comes to an end, rest assured you’ll be back for more EVERY TUESDAY afternoon. Listeners & Reeders alike may not find a more organic weekly listening experience anywhere once they check out what these recent college graduates have been supplying. Experience episode one of the Rev Effect here, and don’t forget to join in on the conversation by e-mailing

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