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People tend to draw blanks when it comes to gift ideas, so before you make any rash or terrible decisions out of frustration, take a look at our gift guide. Whether you want to spend $3, $145, or anything in between, we got you covered. With gifts ranging from lighters to skate decks to journals to graphic sweatshirts, there’s something for everyone. The top two rows were curated with men in mind and the bottom two are a mix of things for women and men (but if you ask me everything pictured is unisex). THANK US LATER! 😉

Valentine's Gift Squares
from right to left: Rockwell Luxe Crewneck Sweater, 10 Deep Murder City Camo Pants, New Balance CM1600 Shoe, 10 Deep Shaman “X” tee, Fuct O.G. Logo Tee, The Joneses J. Hook Cap, Acapulco Gold Royal Leaf Pullover, Staple Infared Pigeon Cap, MTTM More Sweatshirt, Staple Shemagh Plaid Scarf, Cash Only Skate Deck, Fuego Lighter, aNYthing Invader’s Cap, Sebago Exo Boot, Medicom X Andy Warhol Pillow, Reedwrite Notebook, Rollbahn Notebook

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Here’s a quick look from Nylon Magazine TV about the recent event we held with Linkin Park and Sebago

The Linkin Park x Sebago Jungle Boots are now available in-store and online

HPW-U-041810 021

January 24th, 2013 / 18:30:59


Linkin Park teamed up with Sebago to design a boot. We celebrated the release this past Tuesday with the music stylings of Josh Madden and DJ Joe Hahn. Big thanks to our friends at Brooklyn Gin and PBR for providing the refreshments! And an extra big thanks to Vashtie for her photo taking skillz! Visit her site for her take on the event and more photos.

December 19th, 2012 / 13:43:57


Shoes are the only things, other than bags, books and delectable food, that I’m willing to splurge on. So there’s a singular joy in finding a shoe that I can wear everyday that DOESN’T necessitate splurging. The Sebago Astoria Boot ($165) and the Sebago Exo Boot ($135) are two such shoes. Dress ’em up, dress ’em down, pair ’em with denim, leggings, skirts . . . and every other item of clothing to round out your ‘fit.

Kim rockin’ the Exo Boot. (great gift idea for a lover of wine colored suede! Did I mention they are available at Reed Space?!)

The Astoria can be worn while balancing on tiny fences in the rain or sipping orange juice in floral jeans at your local bodega.

October 9th, 2012 / 13:19:51

Six Degrees for Sebago

Six Degrees for Sebago Designers and Jeff Staple

HannaMay Camo Loafer

Last Thursday Reed Space hosted an event to celebrate 5 creative women and their distinctive shoe and boot collaboration with Sebago. The team of designers was lead by Mdot, founder of the footwear and accessory brand Booji, and assisted by master Sebago shoemakers to put their own twists on traditional silhouettes. The result is 10 styles of brilliantly crafted shoes that are being sold exclusively at Reed Space. Ladies, come get some. From camouflage printed loafers to two tone boots with contrasting laces, there’s a shoe for every woman in the Six Degrees collection. Below you’ll find photos of the release. Big shout out to Brooklyn Dawn and DJ Kevlove for providing the music and Brooklyn Gin and PBR for providing the refreshments. Thanks to everyone involved for a fun night (and thanks to @bnaice and @bridalease for a couple of the photos seen here).

Luca Boot

Luca Boot

Astoria Boot

October 3rd, 2012 / 13:52:11



Six degrees for Sebago brings together 5 women from around the globe who stylishly represent their respective cities: San Francisco, New York, Paris and Berlin, kind of like Mighty Ducks 2, but for fashion instead of hockey. The ladies, Mdot of booji, Sandrinette of Color Me Goood, Mayra Fateh and Michal Tesler of Eve Without Adam, and a very good friend of the Space, Hana May from Hearty Magazine have joined forces for a special project with Sebago…

Just sixº away… from six degrees on Vimeo.

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