March 31st, 2016 / 14:45:37


If you’re not already familiar with the illustrious @MadburyClub, and their “Director of Near Death Experiences” Mr. @OnAwardTour, please do yourself a favor and step far away from the rock you’ve been sleeping under. The creative club, which broke ground in 2010, has been on a serious tear since they let us all into their world earlier this year. From collaborating with adidas on the ‘Future Capsule’ project, to constructing the Air Chamber at Nike’s Air Max Con, to giving us a window into their new home, there’s clearly no stopping their momentum and we’re eager to see what ideas they’re going to hatch next.

Lucky for us, @jeffstaple was able to catch on to the inevitable wave of creativity ahead of the curl. Back in 2011, as a part of a series with Hypebeast called “Scholastic Survey with jeffstaple,” the founder of Reed Space and @StapleDesign sat down with a young Phillip T. Annand to talk about how he got his start, what influenced him to start his own design coalition, and how he balances the ever teetering scale of school & work. Check out the short conversation between the two creative, Jersey-natives here.

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