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This weekend NYC! We’re proud to present the next installment of The Classic Sessions at Reed Space. The space explores the inter-relation between ART and MUSIC. It’s crazy how visual artists always say they are inspired by music. And our musician friends are always influenced by designers. That conversation kept snowballing…and it finally culminated into this: CLASSIC SESSIONS NYC.

Reed Space and Reebok have come together to create a physical public space where the Music and the Art can literally meet. Each session is a pairing of an artist and a musician. They meet, chat, rap and just build off each other. Then they go off and create based off that meeting.
We’ve converted a classic LES, NYC storefront to become a recording studio and gallery space. The art is done right on the walls of the gallery space. The music is actually recorded inside the same space. And everything plays out for the public to see and interact with. After a few weeks, it all comes down and we do it all over again with a new pairing. That’s it. It’s not a store. We don’t need your Facebook account and you don’t have to sign in with Foursquare. It’s just a space to BUILD.

This Saturday is the premier of our next pairing. Young, dope, gifted and powerful musician, BranDun DeShay and the dynamic duo of illustration, Rifraf + Romeo Rex.
It will surely be…CLASSIC.


Opening Reception: Saturday March 24th, 2012. 7pm–9pm
145A Orchard Street (Corner of Rivington Street) NYC
Elite Camp on the wheels.
RSVP: classic_at_stapledesign_dot_com

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