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The Beatles Set of 4… Blue & Black version…IMG_4353

IMG_1020“Can’t buy me LOVE”IMG_1021…oh yes you can, at least for an evening! I seen it on the internet, it’s real…IMG_4352

IMG_4355(The Black Flocked) ROEN: the high-end fashion label by Hiromu Takahara also collaborated with MEDICOM in creating this 1000% BE@RBRICK similar to ROEN’s dark punk design theme…IMG_4356The collaboration is predominately in black and has white and red patches to detail. Another unique feature is the all flock application on its exterior… ooooh, velvet…IMG_4357(The Gloss Red) MEDICOM X Alexander Girard (May 24, 1907 – 1993) “International LOVE Be@r”… Alexander Girard was one of the foremost designers of American textiles in the 20th century. Girard’s work is characterized by lively, bold, and colorful geometric patterns. He created fabrics for Herman Miller that were used on the designs of Charles and Ray Eames. Got Bear, He got bear too! IMG_4354…Last but not least, the 1000% Mickey son! Told you it was on its way. If you get the 400% too; the 1000% can have the sidekick/lil’bro. This is a good one if you have little one’s running around, they don’t get scared of it/them…IMG_4374
All 1000% are measured at 72 cm or just a little above 2-feet in height! Hope you have space… Perfect for NY apartments, get them all and it would be like having a party all the time. Or your own personal daycare minus the diaper change!

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