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Positive Social Contagions

Social Media Week

Last month Social Media Week hit NYC. Experts in digital and social media platforms spoke to those seeking knowledge about the shifting ways in which we communicate and share information.

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During one particular talk, panelists spoke about the power of real world social networks to empower women in developing nations and enrich the lives of their compatriots. In many patriarchal societies women have no voice and thus no access to justice or representation. They marry and mother young, leaving school in their pubescence to earn money for their families.

Representatives from three Positive Social Contagions spoke about teaching their clients life skills, giving them tips for success and empowering them to educate and incite change in their communities. Through microcredit loans, mentorship programs and by creating “safe spaces” for girls and women to congregate, BRAC, She’s the First/ Starfish, and Pro Mujer have invested in girls and therefore development. To learn more about these inspiring organizations watch the videos below or use your favorite search engine. Also sign up for the next Social Media Week. The talks are free; the knowledge is invaluable.

1. BRAC: In Memory of My Son
Watch a Ugandan woman who lost her infant child because she was ignorant about measles vaccines speak about how BRAC educated her in how to vaccinate cattle as well as small children. BRAC gives individuals the tools and education to make changes in their own communities.
2. She’s the First/ Starfish: Meet a Starfish Mentor
Meet a mentor helping young guatemalan girls stay focused on their schooling. “With the little we are planting now, we will have an excellent harvest in the future.”
3. Pro Mujer: Meet Luisa Daniel Perez
Through micro loans Luisa Daniel Perez was able to expand her business and provide jobs for people from her village. View her story of success.

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