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“Without an encouraging art teacher, Mr. Michael Reed, there may not be a jeffstaple—at least not as we know him today. The founder of the Staple Design, StaplePigeon, and Reed Space was inspired by his art teacher to continue his art education and that has helped him create the thriving company and art space that is making an impact on the urban scene today. Because of this, there are touches of the scholastic in Reed Space, from their desk chair logo to the classroom desks that greet visitors at the Orchard Street entrance to their New York location. It is here that jeffstaple, Reed Space and Rastaclat began the discovery phase of their 2014 collaboration.

To this day, Rastaclat focuses on making products that are innovative and push young people to be creative, expressive individuals. For Rastaclat founder, Daniel Nyaggah, education played a vital role in the creation of his company. In high school, his passion for the idea of shoelace bracelets lead him to continuing his education at FIDM in Los Angeles. While there are differences in the life experiences of the two entrepreneurs, they shared a common origin and that was the classroom.

When it comes to an iconic symbol of education, you can’t go wrong with the trusty number 2 pencil. This shoelace bracelet was created in the traditional mustard color and its aglets have been re-worked to resemble the pink eraser tip of that elemental writing implement. The green barrel that the ends of the lace are threaded through features the name “No. 2” and the piece is enclosed in a custom, collector’s edition jewelry box that protects

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it from collecting dust and makes for a great display.”

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