January 27th, 2014 / 16:22:39

REEDING ANNEX: “10,000hrs by URNY”


Due to the snow storm last week, we rescheduled the Reeding Annex workshop for

Tuesday, Jan 28th 7pm @ Reed Annex!!

The art collective URNewYork uses mixed mediums such as photography, silk-screening, graphic design, and graffiti to recreate the urban industrial surroundings of NYC and all over the world. Applying elements of their everyday lives to create surreal environments that captivate and intrigue people.

Each art piece tells the story of their lives, struggles, and environments. They aspire to motivate creativity amongst individuals! Their motto: “BE WHO YOU ARE, DON’T BE SHEEP” – URNY

IN-STORE EVENT at Reed Annex!!

Reserved seating is available here for purchase $10: reedurny

Admission is not guaranteed due to space limitation!!

See ya’ there!!

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