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The Man on the Moon, Mr. Rager, the WZRD, the Chosen One or simply, a kid named Cudi. Today is Kid Cudi’s birthday and we’re not letting a moment pass without paying homage to one of our favorite musicians. Join us today as we listen to:
“Make Her Say” by Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Common

Back in 2008, the world was officially introduced to the legend that is Kid Cudi when he emerged with the lonely stoner’s anthem, “Day ‘N’ Nite.” No one had ever heard anything like it before. The dreary melody, melancholy lyrics, and basic instrumental all blended together in such a way that depicted the humble and introverted lifestyle of a young Scott Mescudi. The Cleveland-native has since developed into a successful actor, a fashion icon, a hilarious comedian, and promising writer/director. Not to mention he’s learning to play the guitar and produce his own music. Cudi has enticed the millennial generation by living true to his own notions of staying true to yourself, prevailing through adversity, abandoning old & outdated ideals, and openly expressing how you feel–especially her.

Off his debut album ‘Man on the Moon: The End of Day,’ “Make Her Say” sees Cudder, ‘Ye, and Com’ all flow about their respective muses–ladies that they want to make say ‘oh.’ Common was sure to use a more gentlemanly approach and even when Cudi beats him to his favorite line, Common still manages to pull tricks out of the bag to get the girl. Kanye takes his young lady to chemistry class to describe just how intimate he wants to be with her with several academic double entendres. Cudi sets the tone for the other two by asking his shortie to let everyone know who can make her go ‘oh.’

The Kanye & A-Trak produced single featured a unique sample of Lady Gaga’s acoustic AOL Sessions performance of her hit “Poker Face.” The infectious repetition of the songstress’s oh’s fills in the blanks intentionally made within all three verses.

Check out the memorable sample by Madame Gaga here.

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