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Earlier this week, the music world was shocked to the core by yet another idol’s passing. We’ll never forget the artistic royalty that is, was, and will forever be formerly known as Prince Rogers Nelson. This Sample Saturday, we’re paying our respects to the legendary musician. Listen with us to:
Kanye West’s
“Big Brother

2016 has already been a rough year in the world of music. First, we lost the Starman in David Bowie. Then, we lost the Elemental Conductor, Maurice White of the funk group Earth, Wind & Fire. Our hearts dropped when we heard we’d have to continue on in the universe without Phife Dawg, but absolutely no one could’ve seen this coming. Just two month after the passing of his longtime partner and friend, Vanity, Prince left this earth at the age of 57.

Prince Album

The Minnesota-native fully embodied everything it meant to be a Prince at the time. In an era where much of the music scene was shifting towards a more rebellious, punk sound, Prince managed to be a Renaissance Man in the truest sense of the word and groomed his sound to age without flaw when he pioneered the Minneapolis-sound. The Rock Hall of Fame Inductee spent his time on earth as a playwright, record producer, singer, songwriter, actor, and an expert of a variety of instruments including guitar, drums and piano. On his debut album ‘For You,’ for instance, Prince played every instrument on every song and wrote every lyric for all but one of his tracks, a testament to his passion for his own creations.

He thrived in the 1980’s with a peculiar sound and also thanks to his one of a kind way with words. Prince’s way with words was unmatched by miles. ‘Dirty Mind’, ‘Controversy’ and ‘1999’ in particular saw some of Prince’s more racy lyrics and not-so-subtle sexual innuendos. Not to mention Prince starred and helped produce his own film ‘Purple Rain’ (1984) for which he recorded the Grammy-winning soundtrack. Needless to say, he’s a royal in his own right.

The sample-connoisseur known as Kanye West has many a time recognized Prince’s musical genius. However, Prince was always infamous for being stingy when it came to clearing samples for artists. The major reason for this was the preservation of the original tracks integrity. In the case of Ye’s “Big Brother,” an ode to his idol Jay Z, Prince must have felt that the record maintained the glorious sentiments and instruments of “It’s Gonna Be Lonely” off of his platinum-selling sophomore album, ‘Prince’ (1979) because the song went on to be featured on ‘Graduation’ (2007). We’re all thankful that he let that happen.

As a means of paying homage to the Minnesotan of a regal bloodline, check out the sample here and relive the astronomical greatness that was Prince logo.svg.

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