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“Sample Saturdays” is back from its holiday hiatus! But, since we’re still full of holiday cheer, we’re going to Christmas-it up a bit. This weekend’s edition will home in on:
“Christmas in Hollis.”

During the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, there was a plethora of fearless rappers competing to not only be heard, but also to be remembered as some of the greatest to ever step to the mic. Such acts included the likes of LL Cool J, Geto Boys, N.W.A., and Eric B. & Rakim. Still, there were none matched the versatility and overall dopeness of Rev. Run, DMC, and Jam Master Jay, better known as Run-DMC. From their self-titled debut album, to their famed crossover track with Aerosmith, to being the first rap group to be nominated for a Grammy, the trio has certainly stamped their name in the Hip-Hop history books. Another page to their legacy was written with their memorable holiday jam, “Christmas in Hollis.”

Christmas in Hollis

Paying homage to Christmas time in their neighborhood paid off big time as the Queens representers quickly ascended to the top of the Billboard charts.  The jingle even took the radio by storm just as soul musician Clarence Carter’s “Back Door Santa” did about 20 years prior. Listen to the first 2-seconds of the original 1968 sample and hear how the funky song got remixed into a Holiday Hollis-Day classic.

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