March 30th, 2016 / 13:54:59


Frequently, the human race views itself as a separate entity from nature. Like, we know we need trees to breathe, we know we need to tend to livestock for nutrition, and we know how great fruits and veggies are–even when we don’t want to eat them–but do we truly believe that we and harmony are in-sync on this earth?

Relax. Animator Reka Busci doesn’t take herself that seriously in “Symphony no. 42.” In the quirky digital animation, Busci draws some of the most ridiculous connections between nature and humanity. Capturing the oddest things, from an Opera-singer Penguin to Polar Bears gone fishing, the Sundance Film Festival selection is nothing short of entertainment. The bizarre short’s clever creator made sure “Symphony no. 42” doubled as a rung above thought provoking though, encouraging us all to care for our environment. Check out the interesting short here.

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