May 16th, 2016 / 15:23:42


In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue.

– Barack Obama

I will truly miss President Obama. I am in no way a Democrat nor a Republican by any means, but I honestly believe we have witnessed perhaps the greatest PERSON to ever be our POTUS. In the months to come, think about who our upcoming candidates are. Besides the Bern, can you really relate to Hilldog? Could you see yourself talking to Trump about the NBA playoffs? Barry was a one of a kind president. Not only that, he was an actual human being that we the people nominated and eventually chose to be our leader.

His commencement speech yesterday at my alma mater will probably be the greatest ever in Rutgers history. Yes I know he does not write his own speeches, but who else has the charisma, charm, and new age attitude that can inspire future leaders of America? You may not believe in his politics, his stances, or his way of running our country, but you can’t deny the man for being a GOOD MAN. A family man. A sports enthusiast. A fanatic so insistent, he made the Game of Thrones showrunners send him episodes before they even aired! Hell there’s even a movie coming out about Barack and Michelle’s first date! That’s how likable our current first family is!

President Obama is hands down the most relatable president in my opinion. It will be years before we see any candidate remotely close to what Obama was. So in the years to come, brace yourselves because winter is seriously coming, and not in the cool white walker/frozen zombie kind of way, but in the “President so and so did/said what!?” kind of way. I will truly miss President Obama, and perhaps you will too.

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