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This year Puma is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Puma Clyde, a stylish sneaker designed with Walt “Clyde” Frazier’s performance needs and signature style in mind. Yesterday, in anticipation of the Puma Pigeon, a collaboration Clyde with Staple Design’s popular pigeon colorway, Walt “Clyde” Frazier sat down with Jeff Staple for an intimate interview. Frazier discussed fashion, his musical idols and how they influenced his sense of style, being a tastemaker and influencer, and his illustrious basketball career. He was also gracious enough to leave his audience with Clyde’s Keys for Success. I’ll leave you with one gem: “Don’t procrastinate; DEVASTATE.









Text by Erika Perez
Photos by Isabel LaSala

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Reunited (this time for the RIGHT team) and it feels so good. Gotta love Smith and Melo’s camaraderie!

Smith and Anthony

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There were definitely plenty of story lines to talk about after this weekend in the NFL. But I’m more intrigued by what will happen at the Garden tonight. For the first time as a member of the Rockets, Jeremy Lin returns to the place where Linsanity began. He has indeed struggled this season, while his replacement at the point (Raymond Felton) has thrived. And while the Knicks have been the best team in the East, the Rockets have stumbled to an 11-12 record. Yet, this past summer, no one envisioned Lin in anything but a uniform that said New York on the front. After the month he had before he was shelved for the season, and the marketing possibilities that everyone was dreaming about, Lin re-signing seemed inevitable. Yet, here we are tonight. Lin is part of a young backcourt filled with potential. The Knicks have gotten off to their best start in 20 years, and Linsanity is a distant memory. I know he will be cheered loudly when he’s introduced, and he might show some of those skills that made him the sensation he was. But I will forever remember him for dropping 38 on the Lakers and for this game winner. Good luck to you and your team, but Let’s Go Knicks.

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The Miami Heat, a team that boasts 3 of the games top 20 players, a team that has two finals MVPs  in Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, and a current payroll of $84,177,641, well…man…their defense sucks this season.  This year the Heat rank: 22nd in DEF, 29th in rebounds, 19th in steals, and are tied for 23rd in blocks per game.

Carmelo Anthony pointing to show he was fouled. (cc:

The Heat dropped from a league top 5 defensive squad to the same level as the Brooklyn Nets…(a team that has finished and is poised to finish in the bottom 10 of defensive teams). In both steals and blocks, the Heat ranked 3rd and 9th respectively; these are tremendous dips in a team who boasts the talent (and payroll) of the Miami Heat. Pending all things go as the world expects and the Heat turn up their defense, it goes to wonder…Is LeBron and company really going to get 6 rings like Michael Jordan? Playing this level of defense you are certainly not.


Stats (cc:

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Though the hometown Giants came up a little short, they brought everyone together as fans. For a few hours, the devastation of Hurricane Sandy was an afterthought. The same feeling was felt when the Brooklyn Nets took the floor as the first professional franchise in Kings County since the Dodgers. And in the first game played in New York, the Knicks played a game that all their fans will remember. This is the power of sports. When life changing events occur, for a few quarters, innings or periods, we can put those tragedies aside and just be a fan. You just root as hard for your team to win, and nothing else matters.

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Fellow New York Knick fans:

It is a time to rejoice! Finally, TWO superstars. Not ONE, but TWO! We’ve come a long way haven’t we? From the Shandon Anderson, Howard Eisley, Clarence Weatherspoon fiasco, to the Stephon Marbury goes crazy episodes, we’ve finally done it. A team that we can be FULLY proud of has come home to the “World’s Most Famous Arena.”

We must never forget the dark years, yet we must not dwell upon them. It is a new era for our Knickerbockers, but the build up is not over. One more throne must be filled, for a third must be brought to rule. Is it you, Chris Paul? Is it you, Deron Williams? Is it you, dare I say, Dwight Howard? Whoever it is, be ready, for when you put on that Knick uniform, you better be ready to take on the fans, as well as the rest of the NBA.

It’s up to Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire for now until the third arrives to bring us closer to that wonderful ‘chip. I can’t stand the boo’s anymore, and I’m sure neither can you guys.

Let’s just hope these two scoundrels (James Dolan and Isiah Thomas) don’t go and mess things up again…

look familiar? Look again…

The Dark Side still has a presence around the Garden.

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