June 28th, 2013 / 12:04:01


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May 29th, 2013 / 15:46:38


It’s a tie! Lebron James and David West, for their performance of “The Double-Flop.”


“I play an aggressive game. I don’t flop. I’ve never been one of those guys.” – Lebron James

June 25th, 2012 / 13:23:53


Just one. On the quest for “not for, not five, not six…” Lebron had to start off at one. And in doing so, he finished writing one chapter of his story and began work on the next one. And he finished that chapter the way Shakespeare would finish his sonnets: flawlessly. From his 45 point masterpiece in Game 6 against the Celtics with the Heat’s back against the wall to his triple double in the Championship clincher against the Thunder (where he wound up assisting on 60 of the team’s 121 points), we all watched as a superstar became a transcendent one.

The way older folk talk about Russell, Chamberlain, Bird, Magic, Oscar and Jordan, our generation will talk about Lebron with the same reverence. No single player has come into the league with the amount of pressure and necessity to win in the NBA, yet it took him 9 seasons to get the trophy that means more than anything. Some people yet won’t add him to that Rushmore of greatness. Unarguably, it’s not about how great you are individually, but how many banners you help raise. It’s the reason that Barry ain’t better than Emmitt; Marino isn’t better than Montana; Chamberlain ain’t better than Russell. He now has to work on number two. And if he isn’t able to get seven, six, five let along four or three, it will be one of the NBA’s greatest letdowns. Because, if you were to think back to when he was drafted, and he made basketball seem so simple after his rookie season, the question wasn’t about how long before he can win, but how many would he win. The second question may have an answer that scares fans of all 29 other teams in the NBA. Because for the duration of the NBA playoffs this year, it took leg cramps to make Lebron appear human. We have settled the debate of who is the alpha dog between Lebron and Wade. We have found out that the recipe of three elite players with a supporting cast of NBA castoffs and players past their prime can work. We now know the answer to the question “Is Spoelstra a good coach for this team?”. We can move past all these debates and the need to vilify a team due to one player. We can now witness basketball as it has not been played before, with a player unlike anyone in history. People can cheer him because of his greatness or boo him for the same reason. But let’s not boo him for a series of misguided decisions he has made before. But if you do boo him, it is fun sometimes watching the bad guys win.

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