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When people heard that Alife was also helping us on the Truth1585 Project, they were admittedly a little shocked. The Alife crew is a major O.G. player in the streetwear game, but they definitely represented a culture of…well…”reckless abandon” shall we say? But as I always said, Truth is not about anti-smoking. It’s about anti-big tobacco. And I felt the folks at Alife could really help articulate this story. And that they did…here are some words from the Alife Crew:
Now available, the ALIFE DELIRIOUS TRUTH Campaign T-shirt. A gift with in-store purchase while supply lasts (ALIFE NYC Shop only, available in black or white). “As long as you know the facts, smoking is none other than your choice however delirious that choice may be. “ Long-time friend and collaborator Jeff Staple (we used to sell Jeff’s classic Chinatown Gun Shop Tee in the original Alife shop on Orchard Street) called and asked if we’d be down to participate in the latest Truth campaign.
We’d already participated in a Truth campaign once back in 2000 and we were happy to do it again, this time in the form of a T-shirt design (pictured below). We’re not ones to preach against personal choices. We believe everyone is free to make his or her own, and is bound only to the consequences that come with said choices. That said, we don’t like lies and The Truth’s mission is mainly to expose the tobacco industry’s manipulation of the truth about the health impact of their product.
Speaking of truth: At Alife, we smoked our share of cigarettes and eventually we chose to quit.
We feel we’re better off that way. Aside from killing us, cigarettes made us smell like shit, they were turning our skin grey, weakening our teeth, shortening our breath, yellowing our walls and artwork, they were burning holes in our clothes and in our wallets…
It was kinda fun while it lasted, but we can’t say anything good came out of it.

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